Monday, January 4, 2010

Issue Six of Locus now in print

Finally! Issue Six is now available in print form. Grab your copy here.

I'm also working furiously to get caught up on private commissions and free comics for those who are kind enough to donate. You can read about this free comic deal here.

Finally, I created one of those movie-style trailers for Locus. It took me about a half hour, so it's nothing too special. Just me learning the ropes. I'll be making a better one as time permits. You can see my very first comic trailer on YouTube.

My very special thanks to Cockpit for the use of their song, "Shot in Hell". I'm told that the cowbell used in that song is the very same one used by Tommy Lee when Motley Crue recorded Shout At The Devil. I have no reason to disbelieve this, so click that YouTube link (and that Cockpit link) and bask in the rock & roll history!

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