Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locus Issue 8, Page 22

Woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning: domain that hosts Locus--is down. Argh!

For the forseeable future (hopefully not too long) I'll be putting new Locus pages up here. So be sure to check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here's today's page:

You'll need an account at Blogger to post comments, unfortunately, but if you have said account, feel free to comment and talk my ear off!

All this has me worried about Matt, who owns Needcomics and Panelflow. I haven't heard from him in a couple weeks, and I'm a little worried about him.


She's back online at her regular haunt. Total downtime was less than four hours or so, which doesn't bug me at all. And I'm glad Matt didn't die in a fiery car crash or something! :)


Craig said...

Hey Boss! I found ya!
Excellent solution for now.

Great page.
I feel cold, wet and miserable just looking at it.

Adam Black said...

I just got off the phone with Matt's partner, Jeremy, and it looks like the downtime is temporary and due to some exciting things I can't talk about right now.

Good thing is: Matt didn't die in some fiery car crash or something. :)

Weertangel said...

good to see your still in 1 piece, was worried since the site i got linked to was"free space" like u packed up[ and left,so i found a link to this place by googling u :)

really love your comic, and when i got the exstra cash over(got a very busy expensive 2 months ahead of me) i'll buy the paperbacks, assuming shipping is't skyhigh heh ;)

Adam Black said...

Thanks for stopping by, man! It's just a temporary hiccup.

And if you're worried about shipping, feel free to grab the trade paperback of the first three issues. I'll have the second trade paperback (issues 4-8) available in a month or three. :)

Weertangel said...

good to know,then i'll grab them together :)

Btw, i read your description of yourself" the guy who likes to draw naked demon babes with big boobs "
so i thought this might be something for u, its another comic with agreat story and good art and humor!(and the best vote incenitives)
go check it :)

Adam Black said...

Looks like Locus is back online! Sorry for the brief hiccup this morning.