Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New t-shirt design for Cockpit

Cockpit! I love this band. A shit-ton of talent and real nice people to boot. They're the kind of friends you brag about to your other friends, because they're so goddamned cool.

They needed a new t-shirt design. Unfortunately, I didn't get it to them before their month-long tour started in April. I had this miserable molar in my mouth and I was barely keeping up on Locus. Sorry, Cockpit. :(

I got it done, though:

It was lots of fun.

I'm working on something else with Cockpit right now, but they asked me not to tell you what it is.

And that's killing me right now.

This project is so cool...oh, man. Stay tuned! I'm gonna blab all about it the microsecond they tell me it's okay.

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