Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Locus Issue Two now in print!

That's right! You can now grab a hard copy of Issue Two by clicking here!

Why would you want to do that, if you can just read it for free online? I'm glad you asked!

Each print version comes with four extra pages of sketches and notes. Issue One, for example, had a number of sketches showing the evolution of Locus from her early days up to the pinup I drew when I decided to start the comic.

For Issue Two, however, I've included four pages of artwork featuring everyone's favorite uncle, Spook! You'll get to see the earliest surviving sketch of Shen'to Bana'i, drawn way back in summer of 1991. You'll also get to see the "Batman: The Animated Series" version of Spook, as well as the infamous "Disney Spook".

But the best part of the print version of Issue Two is this: I've included a full page from the original comic (done back in the mid-90s) featuring Spook's very first (visible) appearance. Note that this issue never saw print, and so this will be the first time anyone's ever seen this page.

You know you want it! Everyone loves Spook, and you do, too. :)

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