Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Talislanta art

So, I was digging through the stacks and bins and boxes of old art in my studio this weekend, in order to find some old Locus art, and I stumbled upon some old Tal art instead.

Well, technically, it's Midnight Realm art, but you get the idea.

I honestly don't remember why I didn't send this off to ShootingIron. It might've been because Rich Wallace was doing the Zoab, and had already done up versions of his own. Who can say anymore? It was six years ago, and I have trouble remembering last month.

Anyway, here you go:


Unknown said...

Dude, PJ from the Corner here. I thought i'd say hello (hello) and that this looks nice (which it does) and that i'll be keeping an eye on it (which i will)... and that i have no idea why i am repeating myself (which i am). :D

Adam Black said...

What's up, man!

I really need to get back into the habit of frequenting the Cadre Corner again. I end up signing up for all sorts of forums and sites, then forgetting all about them.

It's a bad habit. :)