Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay, so maybe I'll use this site some more

My website skills aren't what they should be. As such, my website never really gets updated. It occurred to me the other day that I should just slap a link on the site to lead you here, and just update this thing instead. Of course, I'm doing all this the week of Christmas, which means I won't really be doing all this till next week or the week after. Such is the way of things when you're me.

I have way too many sites to keep track of and keep updated. Way too many. Here's a partial list:

Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, ComicSpace, the Locus Forums, the Yirmumah Forums, the KissFanSite Forums, the Secret Identity Podcast forums, my deviantArt page, and probably about ten others I'm forgetting at the moment. Why do I do this to myself? Who knows.

At any rate, I think this is going to be my main page for awhile. Just long enough to see how it works out. I'll start by posting a picture:

That's right! This blog is gonna be full of monster girls with their boobs hangin' out. So don't read it from work.


I'm in need of assistance. I have a number of weird little promotional projects for Locus that I'm trying to get done, but just don't have the time to learn to do. One of these projects is to make a fake movie trailer featuring art from the comic, set (in time) to music. If you know how to do something like that, let me know!

And, if you haven't read Locus, why the hell not? It's full of Boobs, Blood and Bad Language. Hell, she fights a trio of werewolves wearing nothing but jeans, boots and a pair of sunglasses. And just wait till we get full-swing into issue two! Locus' boobs aren't the only boobs we'll be seeing.

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