Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eden on Bed

Here's a little sneak-peek at a side project I'm working on. This is a picture of Locus' mother, Eden.



NS Foster said...

Hey there. Traveled over after seeing Locus advertised....hum, somewhere, anyway... and thought I'd keep on going. I'm a very visual person when I read comics so the art always makes or breaks my experience and that means I love Locus. Story's not half bad either ;) Seriously, though, I saw this pic and wondered: How did you teach yourself anatomy on a creature that doesn't really exist? A lot of bat wings? I was also looking at the extended 'foot' on Eden here which was pretty cool.

Adam Black said...

Thanks for checking out Locus! She sure has gathered a larger female audience than I was told she would. :)

As for the succubus anatomy: I've refined their physique over the course of about fifteen years or so, just tweaking wings and hooves until they seemed more realistic. I started with bat wings, but moved on to a different design. The bat-like wings on most succubus art just doesn't seem "right" to me for some reason.

I'm currently working (in my scads of free time--har de har har!) on getting all the sketches and notes under one cover and putting it up for sale, hopefully in the next six months or so.