Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update, and some artwork!

Locus Year Three is in full swing, and I've never been busier in my life. Not because of Locus Year Three, unfortunately, but because real-life things have all decided to come to a head in my life. Many things going on right now. Most of them good; all of them time-consuming. It barely leaves me time to get Locus pages done on time, let alone actually sit down and give all these commissions the attention they deserve.

A couple days ago, I actually woke up and decided I'd take a day off. I'd just sit around and read comics all day or something. I like to research comics of the 50s, the Comics Code Authority, Seduction of the Innocent...all that crap. I came across the iconic Phantom Lady #17 cover:

And I decided to remake this cover with Silk in it instead:

I hope you like it!

In fact, I hope you like it enough to buy it. For $150, I will give you the original artwork (brush and ink on 100 lb. vellum, 11"x17"), a nice glossy full-color 11"x17" print (like you see above), and a surprise. Or two or three.

I will ship to anywhere on the North American continent for five bucks. For other continents, we'll have to talk, but it's mostly so I don't cause you any import troubles.

Here is a scan of the inks:

Good for dorm rooms, bachelor pads, Man Caves, Basements With Bars and Pool Tables...whatever. Can be hung from ceiling over crib of baby boy to insure proper testosterone development.

It really has a thousand and one uses. Get ahold of me!

Send an email to indigoshift at gmail dot com if you love Silk and want her in your house forever.

And you know you do.

UPDATE: This image is sold! Thanks to everyone for checking it out.