Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hampstead and Xel'Duum

I really got into Crack the Skye by Mastodon after seeing them in concert back in November. One of my favorite parts about this album is that Rasputin is in it.

Rasputin is also in my comic, Locus, under the name of Wilfred Hampstead. So, of course, I got thinking about Hampstead while I was listening to the album, and came up with this:

Colored version looks like this:

Such is the art that comes out of my hand when I'm listening to awesome southern rock/metal/whatever on endless repeat for a month or two.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locus Issue 8, Page 22

Woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning: domain that hosts Locus--is down. Argh!

For the forseeable future (hopefully not too long) I'll be putting new Locus pages up here. So be sure to check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here's today's page:

You'll need an account at Blogger to post comments, unfortunately, but if you have said account, feel free to comment and talk my ear off!

All this has me worried about Matt, who owns Needcomics and Panelflow. I haven't heard from him in a couple weeks, and I'm a little worried about him.


She's back online at her regular haunt. Total downtime was less than four hours or so, which doesn't bug me at all. And I'm glad Matt didn't die in a fiery car crash or something! :)